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"Beautiful Harmonies"

- The BEST of North Georgia Mountains

Partners Monica & Michelle are the acoustic duo DaisyChain. Monica's warm, honey vocals and Michelle's rhythmic guitar blend together creating excitable covers they both compliment in harmony.

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(Left) Michelle Wright (Right) Monica Wright

In 2011, Monica & Michelle Wright came together in their ever changing hometown of Ellijay and formed DaisyChain. Together, they are part of the town's growing music scene. 

Monica (lead vocals) has always been drawn to singing. In high school, she participated in chorus. As she matured, so did her voice. Now, she is a polished vocalist. Her voice is pure and sweet yet, raw with emotion.

Michelle (guitar, percussion, backing vocals) began playing guitar at age 8. She learned by ear and developed her skills with her eclectic tastes in music. With her ability to play percussion, guitar and sing, she blends them all into a looper, creating a truly entertaining and engaging experience.
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become an engaging one. Her sweet, emotionally raw voice combined with her on stage charisma gains the attention from everyone around her.
Monica remembers her love for singing capturing her attention when she was just a little girl belting Billie Idol songs like "Rock the Cradle of Love!" She matured her voice as she lettered in chorus. A few years later as she formed DaisyChain with her partner Michelle, she has shaped her vocals to
Michelle began playing guitar when she was 8 years old. Her parents showed her basic chord formations on her half size Suzuki guitar. She soon began to learn Elvis songs like Hound Dog, even showing a little curled lip while performing for family. She progressed further learning to pick out songs by ear. Starting with the bass notes, forming her hand into
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chords she couldn't name but could pick out just like she heard them. By age 12, to the dismay of her sisters, her parents bought her a set of drums. This had a profound effect on her rhythmic guitar style as it soon carried over into playing percussively on the guitar. Today, she blends it all into a looper and vocally harmonizes behind her partner Monica in their band DaisyChain.
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